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VA Termite Inspections CT

VA Termite Inspection CTVA Termite Inspections CT:  One of the requirements of VA financing in CT is that a termite inspection be performed on every VA purchase loan.  Wood destroying termites and pests have probably impacted nearly every house ever built at one time of another.  Most every house is going to have some level of wood boring or termite damage during its lifetime.

When you apply for a VA loan in CT, you will have to have a licensed VA termite inspection performed on the property as part of your preparation to close on the house.  As the VA borrower, you cannot pay for the termite inspection, usually the seller pays for it.  The CT state licensed termite inspector will provide a report for you on a special form required by VA.

If treatment is required because termites or pests were found during the termite inspection, someone has to pay for the work to be done in order for the property to meet VA eligibility and clear for closing.   Many times the seller will pay for the work that needs to be done but not always.  Think about this when you are writing up the offer to purchase your home or property.  You may want to have your Realtor add a clause requiring the seller to pay for the termite inspection and for any termite control or pest control and repairs that may be needed.

If the seller does not want to pay, you as the VA borrower can pay for the termite treatment and repair work.  Give us a call or email us if you have any more questions about VA Termite Inspections regarding your VA loan in CT.

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