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Termite Inspection CT: Carpenter Ant Control Tips after Hurricane Sandy

November 15, 2012

Termite Inspection CT Hurricane Sandy AntsTermite Inspection CT – Carpetner Ant Control after Hurricane Sandy. A number of steps can be taken by homeowners to reduce the potential for future carpenter ant problems after Hurricane Sandy:

  • Correct roof leaks, plumbing leaks and other moisture problems which will attract carpenter ants.
  • Eliminate wood-to-ground contact such as where landscaping has moved soil or mulch up against the wood siding of a home.
  • Clip back tree limbs and vegetation touching the roof or siding of the house. Limbs and branches serve as “bridges” between carpenter ants nesting in a dead tree limb and the structure.
  • Seal cracks and openings in the foundation, especially where utility pipes and wires enter from the outside.
  • Stack firewood away from the foundation and elevate it off the ground. Never store firewood in the garage or other areas of the home, as firewood is a prime nesting area for carpenter ants.

Although large carpenter ant colonies are capable of causing structural damage, the damage is not normally as serious as that from termites. In some cases, the damage may be relatively insignificant, but this can only be determined by locating and exposing the nest area.

This entry was posted on November 15, 2012.