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Termite Inspection CT: Inspecting for Termite Swarms

Termite Inspection CT Inspecting for Termite SwarmsTermite Inspection CT: Inspecting for Termite Swarms.

Swarmers may appear within you CT home leaving their wings behind. As a homeowner, you should contact your Pest Control professional to control the swarmers and thoroughly inspect the structure to check for termite infestation. You can use the vacuum to vacuum up dead swarmers.

Assessing the termite infestation:

The presence swarmers(hundreds) in an untreated structure indicates a termite infestation. In some cases, though, the presence of a few swarmers, or only their wings around windows and doors, etc., may not necessarily mean that the structure is infested. It may simply indicate the presence of an outdoor colony near the structure.

Preventing termites:

In CT Termites live in the soil and they eat wood. Studies have shown more than 90% of termite infestations in houses can be traced to wood that is either buried in the soil or touching the soil surface. Elimination of wood/soil contact is the number one action people can take to make their CT home less likely to be infested by termites.

In nature, termites feed on dead tree roots. If you have lost a tree or shrub near the house, you may want to dig the roots out, rather than letting the natural decomposition process take its course.

Because termites need moisture, moisture problems near the foundation can increase the attraction of termites. Take a look around your house and make sure water drains away from the foundation. Now is a good time to clean-out gutters and downspouts and repair or replace those that leak. When in question always call a termite inspection professional.

This entry was posted on July 15, 2013.