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CT Termite Inspection: Why a VA Loan?

VA Home Loan Termite InspectionCT Termite Inspection: Why a VA Loan?

Springtime is usually most popular time to purchase a home. With mortgage rates being low right now, a VA mortgage is a great option, especially with all of its benefits.

1. The VA program won’t deny a loan based solely on a low credit score, and most lenders don’t tier interest rates for better scores.

2. The VA home mortgage loan doesn’t require a down payment.

3. If the borrower has a service-related disability, they may qualify for the lender to waive the funding fee, further reducing closing costs.

A professional VA Termite Inspection will scour potential entry points around the house, both inside and out, looking for telltale signs of termite infestation. Damaged wood is obviously a dead giveaway, but there are other indicators that might signal a problem. Any issues will need to be cleared up before you can move forward with your VA home loan.

Along with current damage, the termite inspection will report if the home owner has had any prior termite or pest treatments. Some states actually require that the seller discloses whatever measures they took to get rid of the termites.

When the VA inspection finds that the home is infested, or still has significant evidence of a previous infestation, it will usually recommend that the home owner treat the home to exterminate the pests. The seller is required to pay for a VA termite inspection, but anyone can pay for repairs if they’re needed. So, the cost for treating a home for termites is a negotiable item that you’ll deal with as part of your purchase agreement.

If are a seller and you’re selling your home to a veteran, especially if you know you have termite problems, preparing for the inspection and possibly ordering treatments should help move the process along more quickly.

This entry was posted on March 15, 2013.